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Wagga Futsal Blitz 3s

Wagga Futsal is proud to offer an opportunity to experience all of the Fantastic Futsal Fun that is 3v3. There is simply nothing quite like our unique 3v3 futsal league.

Skills, tricks, 1v1's, goals and high intensity action!
​This is the fast, fun and furious format you have been waiting for and our event is the only place to experience this in the Riverina!
Pick your team mates, get on court and start playing!  

  • MAXIMUM 5 players per squad, with 3 on the pitch.

  • Entry Fee is $90 PER TEAM for the competition. REGISTRATION FORM IS RIGHT HERE

  • Existing Wagga Futsal players pay no registration, new players must pay the registration component online at

  • Under 10, Under 12 and Under 14.

  • Music MUST Be Pumping, teams on top choose the sounds!

  • No goalkeepers, no hands!

  • Defenders not allowed inside their own goal area.

  • 10 minute games, 2 or 3 games per night dependent on draw.

  • Small 1m x 1.2m goals

  • If the ball goes out of the side - 3 seconds to get it back in play by a pass or dribble...too slow you lose possession.

  • If the balls goes out of play at the end - defending team must retreat to their own area before they can be active again. (if they don't its a penalty).

  • If a goal is scored - defenders must retreat to their own area for the game to restart

  • Minimal contact, no slide tackles, no shoulder barges as free kicks given.

  • All free kicks are awarded a penalty, taken uncontested from halfway

  • Wednesday and Thursdays from 4-5:30pm.

  • Kick Off: Wednesday 9th May 3:59pm!

  • Bolton Park Stadium, Wagga Wagga


  • Let the children play, play, play

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